SAMWOO SIS-11 Ice shaver

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SAMWOO SIS-11 Ice shaver 2 2

The SIS-11 Ice shaver is ideal for a range of applications ranging from bars to cafes.


Model NO. : SIS - 11
Dimension ( W x L x H) : 285 x 370 x 420mm
Voltage : AC 220V
Power Consumption : 230W
Rated Current : 3A
Weight : 20kg
Crushing Rate : 1.5/ 1.8kg/ Min
Ice Input : 1kg

Product Advantages:

1) Stylish design
2) Realize low noise with triple interior
3) Easy to use
4) Safe to use (there is a sense inside, so if you open the cover during operation, it automatically stops. The sturdy cover is strong against impact)
5) The inner material is stainless steel. (The strong domestic motor power and three rotor blades can work quickly, and the inside is made of stainless steel for rust prevention and hygienic work. )
6) All-in-one drip tray (ice running outside during work can become water and get wet around it. The wide drip tray was made with this part in mind as much as possible, and the drip tray mesh is detachable)
7. Water drain hole (The remaining ice water will melt naturally and flow into the drain hole naturally.)
8. Rubber footrest installed (The rubber footrest absorbs vibrations generated by high-speed rotation of the motor to minimize the vibrations that occur during work)
9. Wide spout and ice thickness control lever
The work has been improved with the spout that coolly pours thin ice like snowflakes. An ice thickness control lever is installed that makes it easy to adjust the thickness of the ice from crumbs to snowflakes by turning it left and right.